Invigorate Your Body and Mind at Nouveau Visage

Heal yourself with massage therapy in Broussard, LA

That pain in your neck is really a pain in the neck. Let us mitigate that pain with a healthy massage. Massages aren’t just a way to pamper yourself; in addition to being relaxing and enjoyable, massages are actually beneficial to your overall health. Call Nouveau Visage today to book an appointment.

Choose the massage that will address your health concerns

Choose the massage that will address your health concerns

What kind of massage is right for you? Nouveau Visage Anti-Aging Center and Med Spa offers a wide spectrum of massages for you to choose from, including:

  • Refreshing mind and Body Therapy
    • Thermal Body Restoration Therapy
    • Oriental Herbal Therapy
    • Total Body Rejuvenation Therapy
    • Hand and Soul Rejuvenation Therapy
    • Dermal Hydration Therapy
    • Serenity Therapy

    Not sure what kind of massage you want? Call us at 337-948-1766 and let us know what your health goals are. We can suggest a massage, or another treatment, that will have you feeling youthful and refreshed.